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Relational and Spiritual Fundamentals are components of a model designed for helping people identify skills that maximize their ability to grow and change. These fundamentals have been cultivated over the last 10 years using the current brain research, counseling and psychology theory, and principles of human development.

One of the most important things about these fundamentals is they get to the core of how people grow and change. True growth is spiritual, emotional, and mental. True growth also presents itself throughout a person’s life, not just in one specific area. For instance, if you are growing in your personal life, the growth should affect your professional life, and vice versa. It is imperative we get back to a place where we stop over compartmentalizing life and understand how to use skills and this paradigm to maintain a healthy life personally and professionally. The mission of Relational and Spiritual Fundamentals is to help others develop and grow personally and professionally in ways that strengthens the internal culture of individuals, families, and businesses.

You have heard it said, “It is only business”, when actually it is also personal.

You have heard it said, “Showing compassion is to be weak”, when actually it creates a stronger culture, through increasing good cognitive and creative processing.

You have heard it said, “Suck it up and deal with it”, when actually white knuckling it only re-enforces the self- defeating cycles, by focusing the attention on getting over something.

You have heard it said, “To get ahead you must work harder”, when actually working differently may be more productive and profitable, both personally and professionally.

You have heard it said, “Your worth is based on your performance”, when actually your worth is discovered through your own standards, values, and self- awareness.

These Relational and Spiritual Fundamentals help in every aspect of life. This teaching gives foundational understanding and clarity for personal growth, relationship direction and healing, plus professional development and positioning from a strong and compassionate stature.


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